Mass texting is a method of sending SMS or MMS messages to hundreds or thousands of contacts at the same time. Texting helps businesses & campaigns communicate with their target audience, it’s fast & direct. Mass text messaging saves considerable time & effort by allowing you to broadcast one consistent message to hundreds or thousands of contacts, customers, employees, or supporters at once.

Mass text messaging can be used across almost any industry to send special offers and promotions, emergency alerts, staff communication, daily text message updates, sweepstakes, & more. Whether you’re sending 50 or 500,000 messages, our mass texting service has you covered. Our send speeds are the fastest in the industry & have the best possible delivery rates.

Whether you have your own list or you are looking for fresh data to send to,  SMA communications has you covered. With over 246 Million household records & over four hundred fields of demographic selects, we can tailor a highly targeted lists to send your message to. Making sure you get the best response from your marketing dollars!

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