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Political Data

SMA Communications maintains all of the United States Voter Registration Files with appended email addresses and phone numbers. We have helped our clients deliver targeted messages in a politically timely manner. Through email, banners, opt-in registrations, contextual ad delivery, direct mail and other voter and donor contact points, we can help build your own “pro-active” voter base.

Online digital media channels are influencing voters and donors. The internet is the most widely used medium for the public to access government information and evaluate the content of political campaigns. Now voters can see online where candidates stand on issues, weigh the pros and cons of each candidate and make an informed decision on how to vote, serve and/or where to send their campaign donations to.

SMA Communications has currently worked with over 400 campaigns and advocacy groups.

We know that political advertising and marketing is all about winning! And to win you need money to help fund your campaign. Whether your campaign is at the Federal, State, Senate, or Congress level, targeting your political audience digitally is key in the age of social media and the always-online voter. 

Our political lists Include over 188 million record selections for the following:

  • Party Affiliation/ Voting History
  • US Military Veterans
  • US Active Military
  • Hispanic Voters by Congressional District
  • Jewish Voters by Congressional District
  • Donors
  • Gun Owners
  • Environmentalists
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion

Republican Donor Lists Include:

  • Email: 716,284
  • Cell Phones: 223,569
  • Home Phones: 327,482

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