Data and Hygiene Append Solutions

In addition to our email append solutions, SMA offers a full suite of append services designed to help you keep your customer files accurate, up-to-date and rich with attributes that can help you segment your customers for a more focused and better performing marketing campaign.

SMA’s database is rich with demographic and psycho-graphic attributes. By enhancing your file, direct marketers are able to better segment their lists to send more relevant offers to a specific target audience. Overlay with age, marital status, home owner, political party, ethnicity, income, gender, presence of children and much more.

We live in a very transient society where more than 1 million people are changing residences each month. With all the expenses involved to market to your customers, it is important keep your files fresh. Utilize SMA’s National Change of Address services to ensure your mailings will reach the intended recipient. We will let you know if your customer has moved and provide you with the new address.

Is your in-house email list getting old and coming back with a significant amount of hard bounces? Let SMA refresh your old list and append the new email addresses to it. Send us a list of your customers old email addresses and we’ll run our processes to find their current email address.

SMA can append current phone numbers to your postal lists allowing you to contact your customers directly with a phone call. We can also cleanse against the National Do Not Call list prior to receipt of your order.

SMA Communications offers some of the most competitive pricing available in the marketplace. Contact us today to find out more about our large spectrum of data solutions.

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