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A forerunner in the Big Data space

SMA Communications, LLC is a Big Data resource for custom data files with email records, cell phone records and other information on consumers, voters, donors, Veterans, gun owners and almost any demographic needed to find the best target audience group for your goal. Originally established in 2006 as a premier provider of data within the political arena, we have since broadened our services over the years to include other data services such as data append solutions, specialty lists, business-to-business lists and more. We also offer a variety of services to help you achieve marketing success with your data file. From business branding, logo creation, web design, email marketing, text message marketing, business cards and more, SMA Communications can get you in front of the people you need!

Save money by learning where to advertise.

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Big data makes the difference! Advertising to the people who are searching for what you offer makes them see you and take action immediately!

Big Data for Donors2021-11-04T16:41:42+00:00

Big data is the way to go if you are looking to not only raise awareness but also increase your donations! We offer data files for people who take the most action and consistantly donate to charities, politicians & causes!

Big Data for ALL2020-12-22T16:57:56+00:00

It doesnt matter what market you are in from restaurant businesses to political campaigns, from new products to charities. Finding the right audience to share your message with is key!

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The other side of our business is taking the data & getting it ready for our clients with data hygiene appends. We receive between two and three million fresh internet & social media records each month from multiple sources. With constantly updating data files, we’re making sure that all our data is the most up-to-date information available!

SMA Communications was founded in March 2006 with an idea & $400.00. The idea was very different than what the DMA types had been doing for decades. 15 years later – well it was a good idea. Our experience and vast knowledge of a variety of vertical markets allows our clients to communicate with the right people at the right time. Making your advertising & marketing dollars count more than ever.

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