SMA Communications

SMA Communications, LLC is a Big Data resource for email, cell phone, consumer, voter, donor, auto, Veterans, gun owners & much more. Originally established in 2006 as a premier provider of data within the political arena, we broadened our services over the years to include data append solutions, specialty lists, business-to-business lists & date-of-birth files.

Steven M Alembik, co-founder of SMA Communications, has been politically active since the days of JFK. His history in Washington has enabled SMA to establish long lasting relationships and provide geo-targeted voter data to the largest advocacy and online political agencies in the country. SMA currently maintains the United States Voter Files, US Veterans, Active Military Personnel and US Donor Files among others.

The other side of the business is consumer information, data hygiene appends, & social media. We receive between two and three million fresh Internet & social media records each month from multiple sources.

SMA Communications was founded with an idea & $400.00. The idea was very different than what the DMA types had been doing for decades. 12 years later – well it was a good idea. Our experience and vast knowledge of a variety of vertical markets allows our clients to communicate with the right people at the right time.