SMA Communications

Communicating with the right people at the right time.

SMA Communications provides revenue-producing,
brand-building direct marketing campaigns.

Using the leading marketing strategies to get you to your clients.

We can help build your own “pro-active” voter base.

Developing creative marketing strategies.

Worked with over 400 campaigns and advocacy groups.

We pride ourselves in working with prospective candidates
to get their message to the voters!

SMA Communications

Helping you contact the people
that matter most to your campaign!

Providing the information you need for the results you want!

We target the prospects you
need to get the results you
are looking for!

Our data is updated monthly
to provide you with the most up to date
& accurate prospects available!

Our Data is provided from a
variety of sources including:
Governmental, Memberships
Subscriptions, and many more.

Bringing you data in over
60 different categories to
find you the audience you need!

SMA Communications is a principal data resource
focused on connecting our clients to their audiences.

SMA Communications owns data on over 247 million consumers and over 49 million business contacts, 179 million registered Voters, 165 million automobile owners, Social media connections and more.

We are confident in our ability to provide our clients with a responsive, targeted database that will assist your marketing team with their efforts to generate revenue-producing, brand-building direct marketing campaigns.

Call sales today at 561-3675129 for a free quote!

Data Verticals

Offering data covering over 60 different verticals to get you in front of the audience that matters..

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Email Marketing

SMA Communications maintains a nationwide active opt-in email database…

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Direct Mail

SMA can provide you with the lists you need to create a direct mail campaign…

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Data Append

In addition to our email append solutions, SMA offers a full suite of append services..

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